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about the festival

About Zinc Craftbar and Our Festival,


Zinc was something that had been brewing for many years. An idea about a place we would want to hang at ourselves. Focus on great beers, wines and cocktails.

Background music. The place you could just pop in to for a quick drink when passing by but also spend hours, in the company of friends.


Fast forward three years and we can´t be more grateful for the reception Zinc got.


Importing our own beers was always part of the plan and as of today we provide our customers with amazing ones from several breweries not available in Finland before.


Over the time a lot of people from these breweries became our friends.


And what better than to invite your friends to your hometown and throw a big party with great brews, fingerlicking streetfood, and celebrate the short but oh so nice finnish summer, with people from near and afar?


We invite you all to take part in our Festival. Spend a day or two with us and experience the amazing world of craft beer.


15 different breweries from all over Europe will be present and more than 120 different beers to sample.

Meet new and old friends. delicious Streetfood to munch on.

Two days of fun in the sunshine.

We hope to see you here!

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