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Code of Conduct


We won´t accept any discrimination, harassment or violent behavior of any kind.

This is a celebration of beerculture and friendship and everyone is welcome to the festival.

Please drink with moderation. People that are too intoxicated and/or behaving badly will be asked to leave.

This is an event for adults. Bring a photo Id.


What´s the refund policy?

No, there are no refunds.


Does the ticket have to have my name printed on it?

No, the ticket can be used by any person over 18 years of age.


Do I need to print my ticket?

We accept both mobile tickets and printed tickets but if we can´t scan the ticket.

it´s not valid.


Can we bring our children?

No, this is an 18+ event and this is not a place for minors.


Can we bring our dog?

Yes, they are welcome but need to be kept on a leash. Bear in mind it could be crowded at some places and you are responsible for your dog and that it

doesn´t scare other guests.

What is not allowed to bring to the festival?


You can´t bring any kind of liquids. An empty plastic bottle is allowed and there will be several spots where you can fill it with fresh water.


No professional camera equipment is allowed.


No dangerous objects. No pointy objects.


Bigger bags have to be left at our cloakroom.

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